Google Can Be Snow Much Fun!

Sunday, January 29, 2017
In the time of the digital age...where everyone of my 400 students that I teach comes to me with an iPad...I needed to figure out how to use them and FAST! Should I use Google Classroom? Does my district expect me to use a certain app. My district's expectations is that I use Explain Everything and put many of my ideas and lessons into itsLearning.

Here my kiddos are using Explain Everything and a resources sheet I made. They can make it interactive by adding videos, voice recordings, pictures, and words!
In your own classroom, I can just see might have each child able to use a Chromebook...go to the computer lab...or have their own device for them to work with! The learning curve is HUGE! I have an amazing team of specialists that help each other and so as a team we have been able to figure this out together!

There are lots of great ideas to help you with this process. Whether it is unit for science...a reading activity that can be used from Google Classroom...even a great Math interactive for your computers...check out #nogoogleprep on TPT!

Here, one of my 3rd graders is reviewing her video as she just experimented with water on a slope and different water drop sizes. She is able to process what she just observed and then share out! It sure helps my students to be able to see what they just did...then process it more than once. Then...we can go back to it the next time we have science and they can recall!

Check out the many teachers ready to share what they have learned...

Search #noprepgoogle on TPT today!

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